The blue stone area , known for its rare blue stone, was once of the best natural gas mining areas. After the outbreak, it became the only natural gas field that can still be mined normally due to its extremely shallow gas storage layer and high natural gas purity. However, for unknown reasons, Gigacorp the controller of this gas field , evacuated all personnel within a short period of time, and the Bluestone Area became the focus of competition among all factions.

We must occupy the gas fields and secure this most important of doomsday fuel resources.



  • Headquarters 16
  • You will not lose any troops similar to Reservoir League
  • Your number of troops are unlimited
  • Every type of march requires stamina and marching will be prohibited if you run out of mining stamina.
  • Free teleport are also given but with a cool down.
  • Players can leave the event momentarily and can come back via the event page, however if you scouted or attack any fiend, you will be locked out of the event permanently and the results will be resolved.
  • Settlements cant be attacked.
  • Peace Flares will be deactivated.
  • Live Server Maps can have up to 1500 players.


There will be a registration for the time of fight : 2 UTC/ 9 UTC/ 14 UTC /19 UTC. You can always change the time of your preference while the registration timer is ongoing. Players who registered for the same timer period will be matched and they are going to be sorted per bracket based on the generation of heroes. It means, players that have Gen 6 in their states will be match with players of the same generation. This apply to the rest.


Remember that all boosts are effective during this event. (This includes research, alliance tech, VIP, talent, skills, governor buffs, settlement buffs as well as your skin buffs). Make sure to activate all buffs before entering. The most important here is your march capacity as this will determine the standard amount of troops you can send.

You will be given an initial of 170 mining stamina at the beginning of the game that recharges every 6 seconds ( 1 stamina/6 seconds). However, you cannot buy any stamina during the event.


Once the event timer started , players can enter the event .There is a 3:00 mins preparation time before the Gas Fields open. At 20 mins ( 3 Stages 5 minutes duration) and 40 mins ( 3 Stages 5 minutes duration) after the event started, the Eruptive Gas Field will drop. The middle building opens at 45 mins after the event has started.

Players are given 1 free advance re locator and after which this will undergo a cool down. Re locator cool down is every 10 mins. Players are allowed to use their advanced re locators via backpack but for every relocate the number of relocators will increased similar to Reservoir Raid until the next relocator is free. You can only relocate 5 times between each cooldown.


The Level 1-3 Gas Fields will open 2:30 mins after the event opens. Each level of Gas Field has a different attributes and speed. For you to be able to occupy and gather, you will need to kill the Infected on the building where you want to occupy. You can also have an easy access of the locations by clicking the mini map.

The light part of the map is where your Level 1 Gas Field and the darker the colour the higher the Gas building level.The higher the level of the Gas field the more gas reserves and the faster the gathering time as well.

110,80010 per seconds
216,20015 per seconds
327,00025 per seconds

You can attack the infected once the fields are opened. Since the strength of the Infected varies, below are the suggested level of Gas field to occupy dependent on stats. Of course this is also dependent on how you play. If your aim to get more gas and rank better and get better rewards, always go to the highest level once preparation timer is up.

1WeakLow Stat Players
2StrongAverage Players
3StrongestStrong Stats

The number of march you can send is dependent on the number of your march slot open. Your march capacity is the determiner on how many troops you can send on a march hence why it is very important for you to boost your march capacity before entering the event. The number of troop type per march is fixed to 3/3/3 and this cannot be edited.Your highest tier of troops will take precedence for every march. Each march will consume 20 mining stamina.

Once the infected in the building is killed, natural gas piles will be randomly dropped around the area. Players can send a pick-up march ONE at a time. Each pick up march will costs 2 mining stamina.

Players can start gathering once their march are able to defeat the infected. Be mindful that during this stage, other players can attack each other’s occupied buildings including the buildings occupied by alliance mates. If you are defeated by another player, 10 mining stamina will be returned. Players who are able to defend an attack will have 20 seconds window to heal all defending troops.

Eruptive Gas Fields will drop randomly in waves. First wave will be at 20mins mark once the event started and at 40mins mark. This building does not have any Infected and the the gathering speed is really fast.

Eruptive Gas Field3,000300 per second

While the event is ongoing possible GAS LEAKS will occur. Picking up gas leaks will give you instant gas.


  1. When you leave with an unfinished building.
  2. When you attacked someone or if you got attacked and the gathering is almost done.

At 45mins mark, the middle building will open. This is where the bloodbath will likely happen the most. You will be given 1 extra march on top of your existing march but you can only use this to attack the Lab. The player occupying the middle will have a timer to generate HP ( health).

The attack strategy here is dependent on how players do PVP. You can either wait for other players to weaken the holder or you can simultaneously attack with other players.

Attacking and holding the middle building will give you gas rewards dependent on your occupant timer ranking.


REMINDER: Every march attack will use 20 stamina, Eruptive Building march costs 5 and every pick up will cost 2 mining stamina. Be mindful of your stamina.


There are 3 different types of rewards for this event.

MINING REWARDS – Players can earn rewards dependent on the amount of gas that you have collected during the event. Players need to hit a target to be able to gain rewards.

Below are the target points. Rewards range from Badge Tag , Speedups and resources.


MINING STAMINA USED REWARDS– Players can earn rewards by using stamina. To get rewards, you need to hit certain amounts of stamina used.

Below are the target points. Rewards range from Mercenary Influence , Speedups and resources.


EVENT RANKING REWARDS– The winners here are based on the total points players get . Rank 1-10 will get event frames. Frame skin validity is 7 days. So I assume that this event will be happening every week.

Rewards include Badge Tag, Mercenary Influence , Speedups and resources.

Special Thank you to King and Rogue for helping with the screenshots as my recorded video got corrupted. Do not forget to leave comments as well so that I can improve the guides. You can check my other social media accounts for more State of Survival videos. 

5 thoughts on “AZURTANE HEIST

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  1. While holding the middle lab the occupiers troops will need 10 seconds to replenish to a full march after each attack, which gives opponents a 10 second window inside which they can double attack the center to knock the center holder out. If the center is not attacked within those 10 seconds it can theoretically be held forever by the highest Stat player in the match.


  2. The most unbalanced power pvp event I have ever seen in all my life, in the middle of the event many low level players had already given up. Devs need rethink.


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