You manage things; you lead people.

—Rear Admiral Grace Murray Hopper

So your Alliance or your state won the Capital Clash and you are chosen as the new Governor. Or if you are going to have your first Capital Clash and you have no idea on how the Governor title works and other info.

Being a State Governor requires a lot of patience and understanding. Your primary role is to look after the welfare of your state ( but this is actually dependent on your state health and how leaders agree on things).

Aside from looking after the welfare of your state along with your other leaders, you are also responsible in managing the allocation of Buffs and Markings and this requires timing as well during events.


The Leader of the Alliance with the longest occupancy during Capital Clash is the default Governor. The title is can be transferred by the leader to any member of the alliance within 2 hours after Capital Clash is over. Transfer of title is not possible after the allocated time.

How long is the tenure or terms of the Title?

The Governor’s reign is 14 days or 2 weeks.

Can other Leaders from other Alliance be assigned as Governor?

This is only possible if the leader of another alliance joins the winning Alliance, then the leader will transfer the title. Once the title has been transferred, the Alliance Leader can then go back to their original alliance and the title follows with him/her.


The Governor once appointed has automatic buffs and this stays with him for the entire duration of his term. The buff values change dependent if it is a normal Capital Clash ( within State CC) or Capital Clash during State vs State week.


State Buff differ in values dependent if the term is during normal CC or SVS CC. Duration and cool down stay the same. The buffs is effective for all players within the state including the governor.

Governors usually align these buffs during events to accommodate the needs of their state players


These are special buffs given by the governor to ANY players within their state EXCEPT himself. Buffs can stay to awarded players dependent on the Governor’s choice or can transfer it after 24 hours cooldown.

Honors and Markings are not stackable. The Governor can only appoint one Honors/Marking per player


Packs can be rewarded to ANY player within the state including the Governor. However, rewards are only given to one player at a time.

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