GOAL: To get the highest rating to contribute to your Alliance Score. 

You can play PZ everyday to get crates but only your highest rating score will be counted at the end of the week. The more members participation , the higher the chance you will be able to rank up in Alliance Ranking. 

Playing Plague Zone requires a to be in an Alliance to be able to play it. Be mindful of the timers as well as the once a march hit the mob, the 30mins timer will start. Make sure to eliminate the zone within that timer.


You can search by going to EVENT Interface and scrolling down until you found the Plague Zone interface.Clicking the magnifying glass will direct you to the search option in wilderness view.
You can also navigate via your wilderness interface by clicking the search Icon and swiping through the list of items.
The easiest and the fastest way to hunt for Plague zone is by zooming out your wilderness view and by ticking the box ( Threats). You can zoom out as far as you can and the map will show you the locations of the available zones.


  • The higher the level, the bigger the PZ, the higher the star rating as well. 
  • I suggest to schedule PZ with your alliance. Find the biggest PZ with 20 slots, Have your small players join the big ones. Big players hit the zombies solo if the small players cant kill them. 
  • To be able to have your participation counted, you need to kill at least one zombie, or challenge the menace/matriarch or join the rallies. 
  • Joining Strike Team without hitting any zombie, or not joining challenges or rallies will give you zero points.
  • To save your stamina, only kill the zombies around the menace and matriarch. 
  • Each PZ depending on size have corresponding Strike Team Limit.
  • You will only have 30 minutes to neutralize the zone. Timer starts when the first hit lands. Use Travis to reduce stamina usage by 20%.
  • Note that you can only do PZ by Joining a Strike Team. 
  • Once all zombie around the menace and matriarch are eliminated, you need to clear the menace first before you can eliminate the matriarch.
  • You can check the star rating by clicking the gift icon in your PZ interface. This will show once someone hit the zone mob.
This is the rating for Level 12 with one zone menace.
  • The level of your PZ is your base score per player and this changes depending on the size of the PZ.
  • The more players to join the Strike Team the higher the benefits of the march and the squad. Each player is equivalent for 1 level and each level has a vale of 3% per benefit.
Benefits with two players in the strike team


Aside from the level of the zone, the star rating is also affected by the number of zone menace.

The star rating of the Plague Zone with 1 Zone Menace is equivalent to the level of the PZ.

The star rating of the Plague Zone with 2 Zone Menaces is equivalent to the level of the PZ and adding 3 points.

The star rating of the Plague Zone with 4 Zone Menaces is equivalent to the level of the PZ and adding 6 points.
Killing the mobs in Plague zone drop items such as resources and Chief exp which players need to upgrade chief level. 

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