One of the most important part of this game and to efficiently utilize your PVP game play is simply by understanding your battle reports as well as studying your opponents. 

Different player, different gameplay, different strategy. However when it comes to gameplay, we all share the same mechanics.


This game has two different battle mechanics which is very odd.


TROOPS is your march capacity/size or the total number of troops you can send in a march. 

SURVIVED: These are unharmed troops. 

LIGHTLY WOUNDED: These troops automatically get healed once the march returned to your settlement. 

WOUNDED:  These troops will go to your hospital and  needs healing and will require resources to heal. 

LOSSES: There are two rules when it comes to Losses. 


  If you are on the Defensive side, Once your hospital is full then you will start getting losses in your report. The percentage of this losses can be enlisted. Take note that only 70% of your losses can be enlisted and 30% will be perma losses/dead. 


 If you are on the attacking side, you will lose troops and this will be permanent. 


TILE: Attack on tile, both attacker and defender are on the DEFENSIVE SIDE. Both will have no permanent losses, only wounded until hospital capacity. 

SETTLEMENT: Attacks on settlements, the defender will be the Defensive side and the attacker will be the attacking side. 

BUNKER/FACILITY: Both Attacker and Defender are on the Defensive side. No losses until hospital capacity, only wounded. Once the hospital is full, Enlistment rules follow. 

CAPITAL CLASH: Same rules apply with Bunker/Facility

RESERVOIR RAID: No troops will be dead or wounded but you will get wounded reports while you are in the event. Once the event is over, your troop status will be back to its original state.

RESERVOIR LEAGUE: You will lose troops attacking settlements or buildings while the event is ongoing as well as have wounded.  Original BP or Battle Power is returned after the event is over. 

ALLIANCE TOWERS/HQ: If you own the towers and the Alliance HQ, regardless if you are attacking or defending, you are on the DEFENSIVE side. The invader regardless if they are attacking or defending from your attacks, will always be on n the attacking side and will have permanent losses. 

AZURTANE HEIST : You will not lose troops .

ANALYSIS CENTERS: For these buildings, they have different rules in battle. Troops fighting normally will not be killed but under certain conditions. 

There are three kinds of troops in this game. INFANTRY, HUNTER, and RIDERS

  • INFANTRY: High in HP and DEF, low in ATK. 
  • RIDER: Mid HP and DEF, higher ATK compared to Infantry. 
  • HUNTER: Low in HP and DEF, Best in ATK stats among all the troop units. 

During PVP, all troops on both sides will have the same formation: INFANTRY-RIDER-HUNTER, Infantry as front-line followed by the rider and then hunter at the back. 
All the DMG dealt by the enemy will be taken by Infantry first, then rider, and last is a hunter. In this game however, riders are just an “adornment”.


Are you wondering how battles reports are calculated? Below are the break down of percentages dependent on what type of Battles.

To understand better , In every battle report there are different aspects : LOSSES, WOUNDED, SURVIVED and LIGHTLY WOUNDED. Battles are also consist of rounds. If you are in the new battle system,you will be able to see this and the number of rounds per attack. Every time the knives pause, that counts as 1 round. The rounds will end once troops are depleted. There are heroes that have skills that are effective dependent on the rounds of the battle.

To understand the ratio of survived- lightly wounded- wounded- losses, below are the ratio dependent on the type of the battle:

The ratio of the the battle is 100%. In short the loss rate is the remaining % of the Lightly Wounded and Wounded.

  • LW -Lightly Wounded
  • W- Wounded
  • L – Losses


Settlement Attack10,0005,5001,0003,500
Settlement Defense10,0006,5003,5000


Fiend RallyAttack99.8%0.2%
RR/RL PVP65%35%
Influencer TrapAttack100%
Alliance BuildingsAttack55%10%35%
Alliance BuildingsDEF65%35%
Settlement Solo/RallyAttack55%10%35%
Settlement Solo/RallyDefense65%35%
Capital Clash Attack/Defense65%35%
Hunting SupplyAttack/DEF65%35%
Plasma Cannon70%20%10%
Analysis Center 1Attack/Def90%10%
Analysis Center 2 Attack/Def 80%20%
Analysis Center 3 Attack/Def 70%30%
Analysis Center 4 Attack/Def 60%30%10%

NOTE: For Alliance Buildings, The alliance that owns the building is the DEFENSIVE side regardless if the battle is an offense or defense. The enemy who is sending a march or occupying the building is the ATTACKING side and they will lose troops.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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