Obtain YITH Nutrient Solutions, cultivate the Mother, and complete the Divine Plan in the Holy Wrath to save all Humanity!

The fungus growing on the Towers attracts the Infected, and the Yith Mother will automatically absorb the nutrients brought by the Infected, but at a limited rate and still needs the help of the survivors.

Infected 10
Infected Fiend240
Fungal Infected (Towers)500
  • Once the event is up, You can either attack or rally the Infected. In PTR, event Timer is the Countdown Timer of the opening of the Capital. Players need to fill the Progress bar before the Capital timer is up.
  • Rallying is the best option as it drops more Nutrients than soloing the Infected
  • Every time players killed Infected or Fiend, the Nutrients will be automatically added to the progress percentage.
  • The progress will stop at 80% . The remaining 20% will be accumulated by either attacking or rallying the Infected Fungal or the Towers on Saturday at 9:10 UTC to accelerate the growth of the Yith Mother (Capital).
  • Once the progress reached 100%, then the Capital or the Yith Mother can be challenged.
  • The Capital Timer ends at 13 UTC and this is the only time you can attack or rally. For you to challenge the capital, you need reach 100% progress before the Capital Timer opening is finished.
  • The Capital Clash will follow the standard rules during Capital Clash. However the duration is shortened.
  • March Time in attacking the Fungal Mob is not affected by the slow down of marches in the Capital however you can only send 1 march at a time.


Rally and Kill Infected2 days (PTR)
Rally and Attack Towers ( Fungal Mob)9:10 UTC – Saturday
Capital Opening13 UTC – Only if Yith Mother Progress is at 100%
Capital Clash Duration8 hours – 4 consecutive/longest occupation wins

Be mindful of the timers as they are confusing. The time schedule to challenge the Towers is at 9:10 UTC on Saturday and you can only find this via rules.

The timer above the Progress Bar indicates the opening time of the Capital.

TOWERS : Rally Timers : 5mins, 15mins, 30 mins, 60 mins


There are two different Ranking Rewards. Capital Clash Rewards and Yith Nutrient Solutions Ranking.


You can get rewards dependent on the amount of Yith Nutrient Solutions Collected


Top 10 Alliances will receive rewards based on their ranking.

50%12%12%1 HRI HR
733K21 1,000 3
830,10011 1,000 2
927,40011 1,000 2
1025K11 1,000 2


The Capital Rankings and Rewards are still based on the existing Capital Clash Rewards.

7 thoughts on “MUSHROOM CAPITAL

Add yours

  1. hi, teddy, i had not experienced PTR state. today my state had this event opened.

    so if you ok, i have some question.

    1.when If our mushroom capital events sap points reach 80% before Saturday, then after i can my personal score get up even more? Or does my score stop until when tower open?

    2. everybody attack mushroom tower individually, is there any reason not to rally?

    3.When the mushroom sap is 100% full, does capital clash start immediately? or Are there any other open time?

    4. Does this only apply to cc? Does this also apply to svs?


    1. Hi,
      1. I am not sure if they changed the rules but in PTR 80% is for soloing or rallying infected in the wilderness and will stop at 80%. The remaining points need to be done by soloing or attacking the towers.

      2. Attacking individually is faster than the rallies but that is not mandatory.

      3. You need to reach 100% before 13 UTC for the capital to open

      4. This is only for Normal CC within your state. This does not apply to SVS capital clash


  2. Hey Teddy,
    so is it still the case that if we don’t reach 80% before Saturday, there’s no chance to have mushroom CC as you can only get 20% by attacking towers on Saturday?


  3. Hi Teddy. Do u know what the best troops formation for this event (towers). Either for rally and solo attack.
    And is there restriction number to join rally or solo attack to the towers?
    Thank you


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