Wall Destroyer is a skill that can be unlock via your MIGO Station. Its purpose is to reduce the enemy’s Wall durability. You can use this skill FROM anywhere but the target needs to be in the Old Town or the Grey Area by the Capital. The range is unlimited and you can only use skill to any player outside your alliance.

BLUE TANK #3 : Upgrade to Level 10 to unlock the Wall Destroyer Skill. This also gives an initial 10,000 DMG and an initial cooldown of 8 hours.

WEAPON’S RACK: Increases Wall Destroyer (WD) DMG to 20,000.

CYLINDER OF HOPE: Level 10 Increases the march speed of the Wall Destroyer by 100%

LIQUOR CABINET: Reduces the cooldown of Wall Destroyer by 100%. Once unlocked, the cooldown will drop from 8 hours to 4 hours.


  • Wall Destroyer can only be used on settlements in the grey area or the Capital .
  • Once barricade defense reaches zero, settlement will be ported out.
  • Players cannot use a peace flare while wall destroyer march is ongoing. Either a player is using the skill or receiving the skill.
  • As soon as the skill is used, cooldown timer will start regardless if the skill hit the target or not ( In case the target ported out of the spot)
  • The skill is target locked/location locked.. It is only effective on the original target and this wont affect any settlement that will cover the spot of the original target. (In some instances where the target ported out and another settlement covered the spot.)
  • The skill can be use multiple times on a settlement until the barricade reaches zero.
  • Once the settlement is ported out, the settlement will have an immunity of 12 hours against wall destroyer.
  • To maximize the usage, arrange attacks to a target to avoid excessive use of the skill as shown on the the image above.

The first two attacks were sent out one at a time, while last two were sent out at the same time. My settlement got ported on the third attack and the 4th attack is gone to waste.

  • If the original target move out and replaced by another settlement, the skill or the wall destroyer will land but the replaced settlement wont take any DMG.

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