Alliance Tower (Alliance Owned) ATK/DEF35.00%65.00%
Alliance Tower (Non Owned) ATK/DEF35%10.00%55.00%
Analysis Center 110.00%90.00%
Analysis Center 220.00%80.00%
Analysis Center 330.00%70.00%
Analysis Center 410%30.00%60.00%
Capital Clash/Bunkers and Facilities35.00%65.00%
Digging Site ATK (Second Hit)35%10.00%55.00%
Digging Site DEF (Second Hit)35.00%65.00%
Digging Site Discover ATK35.00%65.00%
Digging Site Discover DEF35.00%65.00%
Gather ATK35.00%65.00%
Gather DEF35.00%65.00%
Infected Rally0.20%99.80%
Infected Solo0.20%99.80%
Influencer Trap0.00%100.00%
Plasma Cannon10%20.00%70.00%
Reservoir Raid Rally35.00%65.00%
Reservoir Raid Solo35.00%65.00%
Setllement Rally ATK35%10.00%55.00%
Settlement ATK35%10.00%55.00%
Settlement DEF35.00%65.00%
Settlement Rally DEF35.00%65.00%
State Warfare ATK35%10.00%55.00%
For Battle Types with zero ratio Kills, once hospital is full, troops are considered dead and will start filling your enlistments. Troops that exceed your enlistment capacity will be permanently dead. 

Detailed info on how these things work will be added soon.

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