This guide is the hardest Guide I every write for this Anniversary Event. It took me a few times to play before I am able to grasp the mechanics of the game. There’s an In- game guide for players but it is so vague that it will make you confused on some parts. But well, what can I say. Treat the MAW like an Influencer Trap but run it like your RR strategy.


Beginner ( Solo)1

You cannot play team fights without playing the Beginner Difficulty. However, you can bypass this difficulty if someone started a Team challenge and invited you.



Players will have 20 Challenge chances to use daily for 7 days. The unused challenge on current day wont be added to for next day. Each challenge regardless of difficulty have a timer duration of 1 hour. The challenge automatically end as soon as the MAW is defeated.

Relocators are free and regenerates every 14 seconds. Normal relocators will be used if you port before that 14 seconds timer.


The event will auto assign 50K troops per troop type every march.The event will auto assign the 50K per troop type but you can revise the formation.

The event will STRIPPED all stats from ALL your gears and researches leaving you the base stats of your heroes for ATK/DEF and the base stats for your HP/LETH. You can get additional buffs by killing the Proliferating Infected. The higher the generation of heroes, the better the base stats.

No troops will be killed or wounded.

ONE RULE: Since all marches are equal and the stats are based on the rank of your heroes ( maxed players, HEYOOO ) . It is better to always use your first march to attack the MAW.

BASE STATS : You may ignore the Troop Attack and Lethality as these are coming from the Proliferating Buffs




The longer the duration of the challenge, the tougher the MAW. Every attack made to the MAW will increase it’s own defences and this will trigger it to drop buffs for itself.


Attacking these Infected will give extra buffs for players.The buffs ranges from Troop Attack, Troop Lethality, Heroes with Pets or Guns and other variations. It is a must to collect as many as this especially during Insane Diffficulty as challenge is as insane as the difficulty itself.

For every attack made to the MAW ( rally or solo) , it will drop Proliferating Infected.

1 Rally/Solo = 1 Proliferating Infected


These two blobs coloured green and purple helps the MAW with its defences. As soon as these blobs comes out, players NEED to attack them as this is the only monsters you can attack to lower the defences of the MAW.

DMG Resistance
This buff can increase DEF of MAW up to 230%
20% – 40% Protection

I forgot what are the MAW percentage when these buffs drop. But the sequence is Peace Flare —-Wall Shield — DMG Resist. Once these buffs started to drop, it will be harder for the MAW to kill. To weaken, players need to attack the Tumors.



The Infected enjoys capturing players to pause or deter progress. Once caught, the player’s base will be relocated on the side and will be surrounded with vines. In this case:

For the captured player to be free, he needs to attack the green blob that replaced his original spot. Team members can also attack the blob to help free the team mate who got captured.Once freed, player is auto ported back to their original spot.

To avoid getting caught, once your screen blinks red, RELOCATE.


Player CANNOT send out ANY marches out including rallies, joining rallies, attacking the Tumors, Infected or the MAW. The only march the captured player can send is by attacking the green blob tho free himself.


There are 4 different difficulties for this event. And since the goal for this event is to rank up on leader boards, challenging the INSANE Difficulty and clearing the MAW in the shortest time possible will guarantee a spot in leader board ranking.

Both SOLO and Team Fights have the same mechanics as per mentioned above except for Troops used as well as number of marches.

The notes for both difficulties are what the game mechanics work but for the TIPS part, this is my own and only serves as a reference. You can always revise and plan out your own strategy.


For Beginner’s Difficulty, ALL players are given a march of P8 T11 ( As what the Devs told you “Special Forces” when the T12 got leaked. *winks*). For this difficulty, only TWO marches are available.


TIP: Use the first march to continuously attack the MAW and the other one to buff.


These difficulty is an advanced version of solo because this requires not only a Team of 5 but also coordination, timing and strategy.


Any player in the State can start the challenge on any Team Fight (5 players) as long as they are able to clear Beginner challenge. Anyone in the State ( not limited to Alliance members) can join the Team. For joiners, you can join Team Fights without playing the Beginner through challenge invites.


Players can only start 1 Rally at a time but they can always join ANY rallies limited to their marches.

There is a window of 12 min for the players to confirm to start or join the challenge and once everyone in the team confirmed, this will automatically start the event. A 10 seconds countdown will start as soon as everyone are inside the event.

1. Once the Timer Starts, SET RALLIES! Make sure to get close as you can to the MAW and to each other to maximise march timers.Choose the shortest rally duration as possible 

2. While rally is ongoing, make sure to attack Infected to get Extra Buffs. 

3. When the vines started to capture your mates,save your team and  solo the MAW so the Infected will drop and get those buffs

4. Help your Team mates once captured by the vines by attacking the green blobs. 

5. ATTACK THE TUMORS in sight.Once Tumors drop, attack that constantly to weaken the defences of the bad MAW. 

6. This is a TEAM FIGHT,play as a team and not as individuals. You can assign your team who will attack the Infected first to get buffs <---- If you wont do this, most team members attack the same Infected and it results to wasted marches. 

7. When the MAW stomps the floor, you have 3 seconds to port to an open space to avoid getting captured. Or port 1-2 seconds as soon as it captures you to bypass the jail time. 

8. To save timers, use speed ups or once your marches hit, PORT.

9. First 20 mins, rally, solo, attack infected. repeat again. 

10. From 80%, the vines will come out and will start capturing people. To maximize your gameplay. Solo the MAW, save your team. 


Only clearing timer for INSANE Difficulty will be recorded for the leader board.


To be added.

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  1. You only get multiple rewards if you start at a low level and go up to insane and then you only get the difference in rewards between levels. Multiples of any level give you no rewards after the first and if you do a higher level you get the lower level rewards when you do the high level so there isn’t a need to do the low level.

    eg: if you get X for easy, 2X for normal and start with easy you get X then do normal you get X again. If you start with normal you get 2X and if you do easy after you get nothing.


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