This event is just another March/Skin Exchange Event and was copied from last year’s Skin event.

Born on a farm as the only girl in six children., Jane can make good use of pretty much any piece of farm equipment. 

However, her dream is to be a soldier not a farmer. Jane would be very pleased if people thought of her as a “markswoman” instead of as a farmer. 

Although Jane, is not interested in farming, this hasnt prevented her from becoming the resident agricultural expert. Recently Sarge asked her to find ways to increase grain production. 

Because Sarge is the person she admires the most on the Settlement, Jane thought it over and agreed. 


The only thing that changed here is how you are going to exchange skins. Instead of exchanging the item, you get skin tickets where you can use to buy skins in the Skin store. Note that the packs you see on the link below are now revised with Skin Tickets included

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