The Second Batch of State Merge is scheduled for January 13,2022 as per the latest developer feedback. Only States 18-96 will be merged during this time. I have no information if when is the next batch of merge going to take place.

  • Headquarter Level 5 and up. HQ Level 5 , Not Plasma 5.

There are a lot of players who are still confused and scared of what is going to happen to their accounts. The $5 spending rule is only for Settlements that are BELOW Headquarters Level 5. The same settlements, Headquarter Level 4,3,2,1 will not be added to the new map if the account hasn’t been logged for more than 15 days.


States scheduled for merging are divided into 3-4 states. Each bracket (3-4 states), 1 state will be the host, and the rest of the states will have their players moved to the new host map.

The list of states being merged is compiled based on the activeness and health of the state. For other factors, I don’t really know as the developers never gave a clear explanation.

There is a countdown of merge and once the countdown is finished, there will be 2-3 hours of server maintenance. DO NOT PANIC if you cannot log in right away because your settlement will be safe. There is an automatic peace flare for every settlement that is a part of the merge. This peace flare will expire once the player logs in.


  • Once merge is successful the host map will reset and all settlements will be relocated in a random area of the map including the settlements from the other states.
  • Settlements will have an automatic peace flare and this will expire once the player logs in to their account.
  • Player’s account will not be affected by the merge . Account progress as well as items in your backpack will be the same once you moved to the new State.
  • The Alliance and the Alliance members will keep the Alliance however , the buildings and location or hive will reset. Alliance Leader needs to login after the maintenance is over to make sure to secure a spot in the map. Alliance buildings will reset after the merge. Alliance Leader can build the buildings automatically with no resources cost.
  • The New Host Map will be the same map rules. Ex. If your current map is of the old map, once merge, you will stay in the same old map ( No Analysis Centers). If youre current State is on the new map, after the merge your new host map will be the same ( with Analysis Centers.)
  • Alliance Research Progress will be kept from the last time before the merge. Same with Alliance Store..


All players and Alliances will keep their Alliance tags, names as well as players’ IGN. However, if Alliances and Players have the same names:

  • For Identical names, It will be numbered dependent who logs to the account first:


Original Name: TEDDY

After Merge ( Identical Names) : Teddy1, Teddy2, Teddy3 ++

  • Identical Alliance tags will keep their Alliance Names but Tags or Acronym will change. The Alliance Leader who will login first will keep the TAG and the other identical tags will be given random tags.


State Leaderboard will reset after the merge and this will be adjusted based on the new population of the newly merged State. Players will keep their Kills from their old state to the new host state. For Top Global Ranking, It will only be adjusted if the Alliances in the newly merged state will do Alliance merging, otherwise, they will keep their ranking the same with the solo Global Ranking.


Capital Clash, Bunkers, and Facilities will reset including History. New Governor will be assigned to the next Capital Clash Schedule and the Bunkers and Facilities will resume the next registration.

Normal events like Power Sprint etc. will continue and the Ranking will be adjusted.


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