Another set of research will be unlocked once the player reached Plasma 10. The good thing, however, is that players can start research even if the previous nodes are not max provided the pre-requisites per node are already unlocked. If you are saving up your items, or not a rally leader, you can skip the rally capacity research and max out the Muzzel Ion Beamer as it is the pre-requisite of the new research nodes.

BUILDING REQUIREMENTS: HQ Plasma 10 + Plasma 10 Troop Buildings (Barracks, Garage, and Range)

PS. The requirements and stats are subject to change.( If the devs decided to lower the requirement or review the stats ofcourse LOL. 

In this build, I skipped the nodes with red arrows but max out the Muzzle Ion Beamer so I can start researching the new research nodes.

Below are battle reports Before and After upgrading Troop ATK, DEF,HP, and LETH ( All Level 20)


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