This is the second version of Arena of Doom following the first release when the State of Survival launched the Joker campaign. For this version, there are a few changes made including the ranking system as well as the reward list.



Attack, defend, and collect points. It may sound easy as it is but if you’re going after rewards then adding a little strategy to get more points is a must.

At the beginning of the event, there is an initial calibration (10) of challenges that players need to finish before unlocking the map for more opponents to choose from. For every battle done during the calibration, it will give points however these points will not be counted for your ranking. Players can challenge up to 15 chances daily with 5 chances for free and the other 10 can be purchased with bio caps ( 1 challenge =50 biocaps ). The calibration is only day 1. Day 2 onwards will have 9 opponents to choose from, 15 challenges and players will have 5 chances to change the opponents.

Second day onwards, 9 opponents will show up (as the days progress, this will likely increase). Each color will have different Star Points per victory.




The points player gets in defending will vary dependent on their position on the tile.


Players need to setup up marches both for DEFENSE and CHALLENGE(Attack). The march capacity is fixed at 220K per march so activating march capacity skills and buffs will be pointless. However, if you want to make sure you can defend against attacks, you can activate your settlement buffs before setting up your marches or line up to take effect. These marches can be modified anytime. Use PVP recommended build when setting up your march lineup. Hero Skills are also active at this event. As for the resonating heroes, I cannot confirm if they can be used or restricted as the devs removed the resonating heroes in PTR or Beta Server.


Both sides will have three lineups. The winning side will be determined by either best of 3 rounds or best of 5.


  • Secure points after every reset. WHY? Simple because like for day 1, there won’t be a lot of players after reset who are going to do the challenges. It means that you are going to attack system-generated opponents which are mostly low in power. This will give you a head start to get as many points as you can by attacking the tiles that give the most points. At the same time, since the challenges are limited to 15 times a day, it will take a while before all the system-generated opponents will be cleared.
  • As the day progress and more REAL players attack, make sure to check their lineup and re-adjust yours before sending the march.
  • Always save up some biocaps because you will need them to purchase challenge chances.
  • Always save your opponent’s refresh counter. Try challenging the highest line for more points and only refresh the counter once the highest lines are cleared.


Only Top 500 Players will be listed on the Warrior and Legends Lists respectively to get rewards at the end of each season. For the rank rewards, the items are auto-sent to the player’s inbox as soon as they reach certain ranking points.Arena Store is always open while the event is running and refreshes every 8 days.

Rewards List is from PTR.This is subject to change once added to the live server. 

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