Supply Rush5 Days
Lucky SlotsOpens on the 3rd Day
Electro Party 8 days
Where the Pawty At31 days

This is the first stage of the Event. For this stage, players need to donate Supply Crates to get random rewards and at the same time unlock chests that include Master Tapes. For every 2 Supply Crates donated, this is equivalent to 5 points. These points will contribute to the leaderboard ranking which also gives rewards such as Master Tape, Speedups, etc. To get Supply crates, players need to play the Rush Supply Event. For every 2 Supply Crates donated, this will also drop random rewards such as decorations and speedups.


Donate Supply Crates to unlock chest rewards. These chest rewards are one time only for the entire duration of the event.

For the entire duration of the event, Supply Hubs will randomly spawn all over the wilderness and will refresh every 2 hours. Players will have 20 chances daily to transport the goods and get rewards. The most important item to collect here is the Supply Crate which players need to use to donate to the Day of Hope Stage 1 Event to get Master Tapes and also rank up on the Stage 1 leaderboard. The chances reset daily.

These are the rewards for every march sent to the Hub

The Hub will have levels and each level requires 10 marches. Once in a while, once a level is cleared ( not sure what levels but as per some players it’s at 16,12 and 0), chests will scatter around the hub (Gold, Silver, Bronze) that include rewards such as decorations, speeds Biocaps, and others.

Players can send multiple marches to the hub to transport goods. The march timers are faster than the normal marches. For the chest drops, players can only send 1 march at a time.

This event will come up in the first stage of the Event. The only mechanics is to complete tasks daily to collect headphones of Roxy which can be used to redeem Statue Permit, Skin Chest, and other items. The tasks refresh daily so make sure to maximize your spending if you are buying packs for the Limited Top up event because the tasks include Buying packs daily. The Limited Top Up will last for 20 days, however, the Electro Party will last for 8 days and the packs for the Deluxe statue has only 3 days duration.


From the start of the event, Deluxe packs are available. This has a 4-5 days duration and will be replaced by the pack for the Lucky Slot

This event opens on the third day of Stage 1. This is just the typical Lucky Slot event where coins are needed to play the Slot Machine. To get coins, it requires to buy packs or buy it with biocaps (2x daily /1,000 each)

Coins from the Lottery can be used to buy items from the Lucky Slot store.


Once the Luck Slot Event is up, there are two sources of the Coins.

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