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Welcome to the second week of the Anniversary Event Guide. For this week, the item to collect is the Steel beam. Unlike the first week that you need to waste biocaps and check every 1-2 hours, the second week is easier BUT requires more spending if you need more Master Tapes. To get the Steel Beams, players need to Kill, Rescue or Explore via the Intel and via the Leather Looting Event. There is no other way to get the beam but to do this. And since each player only has 10 chances every day, IT IS A MUST to finish the tasks RIGHT AFTER resetting to secure a higher ranking. I may suggest also NEVER SKIP a day if you are aiming for the leaderboard. Similar to Stage 1, for every steel beam donated, players are guaranteed 20 daily donation rewards. And since this is SOS, the drops are also random. Players can get additional rewards for every chest unlocked.

How the ranking looks like. I only have 250 because I only finished the daily 10 marches on Day 1 of the event.


This is the only source of beams that you need to donate to the Music Party Event.

Daily rewards are 10 that drop 6 Master Tapes and 5 Steel Beam. Make sure to collect the rewards via the Intel Interface because it’s not automatically sent to your backpack or mail.

1 dayTOTAL


Stage 2 will also drop the TOP-UP Streak Event which gives the March Skin once a player buys 7,500 daily for 5 days. Note that previously bought packs DO NOT stack. It requires a daily buy of packs to qualify.


This event is pretty similar to the previous Light and colors event every month. Basically, most of the tasks can be completed for free provided the player has items saved except for task #16 which requires buying a pack to unlock. Completing all tasks will also unlock additional rewards.


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